Multimedia Singles Resources

If you are a single adult, you will find these helpful. Here are some podcasts, videos, and other resources that we recommend. A lot of these helped us personally through our midlife singleness. Some of these we wish we had been known about. Some we wish had existed at the time. All of them are worth checking out.


Christian Cafe
I wish I had known about this blog while I was single. It is very helpful. There is also a Christian Cafe dating site for which you will see ads in the blog posts. I have no experience with that, so this should not be taken as an endorsement of their dating service.


Andy Stanley – The New Rules for Love, Sex, and Dating
This series by Andy Stanley made a huge impact on us as singles and made a huge impact on the group we shared it with as singles group leaders.

Andy Stanley 2016, The New Rules for Love, Sex, and Dating: A Candid Conversation
This is a standalone video of Andy being interviewed about his upcoming book on the subject. It’s good on its own, or it can help you decide if you want to put in the time to watch the series or read the book.

Andy Stanley – Guardrails
This is another Andy Stanley video series we used in our singles group that had a huge impact. I highly recommend it.


Singleness, Sex, and Dating Podcast by Perry Noble
I came across this recently. It is pretty good. I  disagree slightly with some of the advice given on the podcast, but all-in-all, it is pretty solid. Besides that, it always helps just hearing people talk about the issues you are facing, even if you don’t always agree 100%.

Seminar/Support Group

If you find yourself struggling with being single again, this will help. It helped both of us tremendously. We got so much out of it that we facilitated a group for several years and would love to do so again if circumstances allow. Seeing so many victims of divorce reach a level of healing that they never thought possible makes it easy to recommend this program.

We will be adding more resources to this list from time to time as we become aware of and have time to properly vet them.


Books About Singles Issues

Books About Personal Growth and Misc

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