About Thrive

thrive – v.
1: to grow vigorously
2: to progress toward a realized goal despite or because of circumstances

thrive – n.
1: a blog for singles vigorously growing and progressing despite or because of their singleness

Thrive began as a singles ministry at my local church. Our group chose the name Thrive because it indicates more than mere survival. It means to grow, to flourish, and to bloom. Because of various life circumstances, I had to discontinue thrive as a local church group. However, this blog continues that legacy of teaching singles how to thrive.

About the Blog

Thrive Singles Blog is a weekly dose of encouragement and instruction on the issues that single again and still single people face. I write it from the perspective of a Christian man who was single again through most of his forties. But, the things I learned, and now teach, apply to most single people. This includes things like growing as a persondating better, and becoming a more attractive person.

It, of course, draws on the many books, videos, and programs that helped me tremendously as I learned how to thrive as a single. I have links to many of these resources on the Resources page.


About the Shop

Some books were so important and helped me so much in my single years that I decided to set up a shop to offer them to you. If you purchase them through the Thrive Singles Shop you will get a good deal and provide a little income that will enable me to continue and expand this blog and help more singles thrive.

About Me

My name us Todd O. Dufrene (pronounced doofren). Like many people in this brave new world of no-fault divorce, I found myself, against my wishes, living as a single adult for a good portion of my mid-life years.

I, along with Anita, who is now my wife, led Thrive Singles Ministry and facilitated DivorceCare groups for several years. I saw many people do singleness right and saw them find healing, find contentment, and find joy in the journey. This was despite the fact that in lots of cases singleness was thrust upon them against their wishes. Unfortunately, I also saw people go out and do it wrong. In many cases, this resulted in years of heartbreak and retarded personal and spiritual growth – things I would love to help you to avoid.

In the immediate aftermath of my divorce it did not seem possible, but, with some excellent teaching and some good mentors, I eventually learned to thrive. And, so can you!

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